St. James Reformed  belongs to the Association of Evangelical Reformed Churches.

It is located in the historical town of Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina, across the street from the restored 1859 North Carolina College for Men. The town has a certain rural ambience, being located approximately 35 miles east of Charlotte and 60 miles south of Greensboro, surrounded by rich farmland.

The church was founded in 1894.  The present sanctuary dates to 1923, is on the National List of Historical Properties.

St. James holds to the belief that the Word of God, Scripture, and the Bible are our one authority. We are a reformed body.  Because we are a reformed body, we believe that there is only one means of salvation, that being through Jesus Christ. We further believe that this Salvation is God's perfect work from first to last.  Furthermore we hold to the truth the value of all life from beginning to end.